Planetary Gig Podcast

Have you ever wondered how a United Methodist minister ended up singing the blues? Check out the new Planetary Gig Talk podcast with Rev. Kim Capps, who talks about the power of music and her new CD "Together, We Rise."

"Together, We Rise!"--Is Here!


Kim's new EP, "Together, We Rise" is now available!  It is a collection of original tunes inspired by the tensions  and divisions of our world, as well as the intent to choose justice, kindness and authenticity even though we are often encouraged to think only about ourselves, or to keep up a facade.   The songs cover a range of themes and emotions that touch the heart, and leave the listener feeling hopeful.

"Together, We Rise" is graced with an abundance of talented musicians joining their hearts, hands and voices to a musical call  to "cross the divide, take down walls, lift each other up."  Listen to the tracks and you will hear the distinctive guitar styles of Eleanor Ellis & Gina DeSimone, the incomparable harmonica riffs of Phil Wiggins, the bass riffs of Pat Quinn & Jim Robeson,  the soulful keyboard style of Billy Mayfield, the sweet fiddle & viola of Marcy Cochran, the groove of Eric Selby on percussion and the arrangements, vocals and creative guidance of Resa Gibbs. 

For Kim, "Together, We Rise" is not just a recording project, but a testament to what can happen when people work together in community.

Together we rise is available through CD baby, iTunes, Amazon and can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music  or go to the music page.

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