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Most of my songs came bubbling up to give voice to the desire to connect rather than divide, to nurture hope and compassion, in a world that seems to have lost track of kindness and respect.  I want to celebrate beauty, even in the brokenness and remind us all of the power of kindness, love and joy.  My hope is that my music is not about one persons experience, but about a connection that we are all invited to share and a belief that together we can rise.


"Let Your Hope Grow Roots": Like a seed planted on rocky soil, hope can easily burn up in the heat, unless it is nurtured, and given a place to dig in deep.

Spirit in the Song” is a testament to the power of music, which was the first place I experienced what I would now call spiritual awakening. I have never believed much in a division between sacred and secular music, and as a child and the Spirit that speaks and moves in it.

Earned My Wrinkles” rose from the fact that, as I aged, I always found myself surrounded by advertisements for creams and treatments that would erase my age and wrinkles.  I also noticed that the women in those advertisements seemed hardly past their teens. After some struggle with the logic of this, I figured out:  it is a conspiracy, because they must be jealous!  Who wouldn’t be? We bear the marks and the beauty of our lives!

You Made My Heart A Home” was dedicated to my husband Greg Case, who has built many things in his life, but I am especially grateful that we chose in 2013 to build a life together!

For Broken Things” was written in summer of 2016, and is dedicated  to all those who “For lost their lives to gun violence in the summer of 2016—especially the 49 people killed in the Pulse night club on June 12 in Orlando.  Now it is the fall of 2017, and we mourn the loss of  even more people who died and were wounded in Las Vegas.  This is a prayer for broken things to be made whole, and a plea for all of us, different as we may be, to work together to bring healing.


"We Can Rise:" We can choose fear, hate, and division; or we can choose to love, and raise each other up. In practicing love and compassion, we see that together, we rise.

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