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Spirit in the Song  

by Kim Capps


I first heard it in the church halls, when I was just a girl

It began to wake my body, then it rocked my world.

Sweet Chariot she swung so low, then said I’d Fly Away

The tones and rhythms claimed my heart, and danced with me all day,

They danced with me all day



It is the song of the spirit, the Spirit in the song 

Listen can you hear it?    Spirit in the song,   Spirit in the song


On the midnight train to Georgia, we sang and swung our hips

My girl-friends longed for boyfriends, while I just prayed for Pips

the songs they brought us freedom,

the songs they helped us change

In all of them I could hear a voice that calls us all by name

that calls us all by name


(Repeat Chorus)

Whenever we fell down, music helps us learn to stand

Whenever we join voices, it helps us join our hands


Could be a soulful choir in Soweto, or bosa nova in Brazil,

A blues jam down in DC, or a fiddler from the hills

Ukulele, djembe, or sitar, fast and funky, or sweet and slow,      

There’s something that connects us, no matter where we go,

No matter where we go 



It’s the song of the spirit, the spirit in the song

Listen can you hear it?    spirit in the song,   spirit in the song


Repeat Chorus  then:

Listen can you hear it, it’s the Spirit in the Song       , 

the Spirit in the Song

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